DiskWarrior and Norton Disk Doctor 6.0 for OS X


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Here's some info from reading and experience on DiskWarrior (a ScanDisk/Defrag hybrid program for Mac OS), and Norton Disk Doctor 6.0.

DO NOT RUN THESE TWO UNDER X or Classic; when you reboot, you will get a kernel panic message, and you'll have to reboot under 9.y (where y >= 1), access the Startup Disk Control Panel, and re-config the control panel to have X be the primary startup disk.

But even after that, I've noticed that X wasn't the same, and had to re-install X.

If you decide to run these two utility applications, I strongly recommend that you make all your partitions HFS (Mac OS Extended).

When running these applications, make sure you either boot into 9.y, or use a 9.x boot CD, and run the applications then. But making sure you run this in a non-X environment is key.

Don't worry though, if the partitions are all HFS, NDD and DiskWarrior will do the jobs just fine.

Just a little something for your information. :)
We should see a native version of NDD soon. They are already beta-testing the NAV for X.

btw, great avatar. Do you have one with the black armor?
Not on me, sorry. :(

But, www.mysmilies.com has a lot of nifty Mega Man X animated GIFs you can use. I've also seen a lot of Mega Man X fan sites creating their own sprites, really good stuff. :)