Dismounting DVD-RAM cartridges


I have a G4/500 AGP, 768 Meg RAM, 18 Gig Ultra2 LVD SCSI HD, DVD-RAM drive. Mounting DVD-RAM cartridges under OS X is a no-brainer. On the other hand, ejecting them can be a pain in the neck. More often than not, OS X will report that the disk can't be ejected because it's in use. This even happens with disks with no files on them whatsoever. Sometimes, I'll log into the desktop, insert the DVD cartridge, and immediately attempt to eject it, only to be told the disk is in use!

Sometimes logging out and then back in will help; sometimes it doesn't. Does anyone have any idea what's causing this?
I've not had a problem with ejecting DVD-RAM's myself, but the next time this happens, try running this in a Terminal:

fstat -f /Volumes/<DVD-RAM volume name>

Maybe that'll help narrow it down to what process may be using it tagging it as busy?
Oops, actually it was the victim of HTML-ization...it should have been

fstat -f /Volumes/&lt;volumename&gt;