Display Problem: Black And Blue Is Now Red?



I have a G3 600 dual iBook and there are 2 problems with the display. I have some experience replacing the hard drive on this ibook and have investigated the display cables at the hinge connection. I am considering replacing the reed cable but would like to know if it fits the crime.

The first display problem I have is that the monitor shows all black and dark blue as bright red. When mirroring to a TV there aren't any color problems, everything is fine. I think it may be a damaged wire around the hinge entry on the left side. When I opened the ibook up this cable looked worn from the outside. I wasn't able to remove the display casing and inspect it properly because I don't have the mini hex driver needed for the 4 display screws. Would a damaged reed cable cause the color abnormality? Is it due to a certain power voltage not being transmitted to the screen? I read that black and the dark hues are required the highest voltage is this correct?

The second problem I have is that the display will turn a pinkish hue at certain screen angles when opening and closing the ibook. With some adjusting I can usually get the screen to display normally (except for the constant black is red problem above). I suspect that this may be caused by a damaged wire in the hinge, the reed cable or the LVDS video cable. The LVDS did look alright from outside its bundle however but the reed cable seemed worn.
Could this pink hue problem be caused by the reed cable as well?
Have others had this problem before?
Could one of the wires in the reed bundle failed completely causing the black to red display failure and another be slightly frayed causing the pinkish hue screen when opening and closing?

I am prepared to replace the reed cable and the LVDS cable if I must but I'd like to know how to go about troubleshooting the cables in advance. When I had the ibook case opened and flexed the reed wire on the left of the hinge their was some screen discoloration.

Any advice or help is much appreciated,