Display problem under 10.0.2


Mad Mod Mojo
Installed the 10.0.2 update last night, as well as iTunes 1.1.1.

This morning, I wake the machine from sleep, login, and connect to the internet. I don't know why, but the computer *feels* faster.

But there's a new problem: ANY window I drag, the contents (but not the title bar) are replaced by VERTICAL BANDING of various lengths, like a BAR CODE. The window contents become illegible. Even if I drag it 2mm, the whole thing fubars up.

If it's a browser and it's loading a page, the window refreshes itself. Finder windows -- you have to drag or select items, and the area around those items is "painted" properly. Usually, I just minimize (to dock) the window and then open it again. Also happens for Terminal window (40% opacity) -- strong vertical banding.

Anybody else have this problem?

I have the same display problems. To solve it I just have to reset my machine. It all started after I installed 10.0.2. The BIG problem I have, is with the computer logging me out after a while. I think this is becauase of energy saver being screwed up. When i try to relog in, it DOES relog in, but classic is messed up (it somehow still is running sortof), and the screen will not refresh or draw the blue background on the login screen. All i get is a gray screen and the two lines to enter name/pword. I can enter my name and password and it will relog me into osX, but half my apps are then screwed up.

If I do not use energy saver, I do not encounter this problem (I think, I am busy testing this today). Seems like this is where the bug is.

If i do a SHUTDOWN for 45 seconds and then restart, it seems to clear the problem until the next time I idle and energy saver kicks in.

...And then, just as suddenly, the problem is gone.

I was at a stopping point so I made another reboot (2nd since 10.0.2 upgrade) and now I can drag windows without the display going to hell.

Another problem -- dragging files to their applications on the (hidden) dock wasn't working. It's working now too. The only problem is that the Dock seems faster -- which makes it difficult to target the app with the dragged file.

Just saw your message, Farl -- I'll keep an eye out for the energy saver prob -- I have it enabled as am on Powerbook G4. Classic started fine for me, and when I rebooted just now, my login screen was fine. [However, the FIRST reboot, last night, I entered a bad password (because I like the quake effect) and the system just churned for 15 seconds and finally reset the password without the quake.]

I'm hoping I don't have to reboot too often, since I'm trying to get incredibly long uptimes. :) My record so far is 8 days. As I get more used to X, my uptimes are increasing.
just thought I'd tell ya, on my intel linux box (red hat) #uptime preduces this:
2:38pm up 53 days, 19:56, 4 users, load average: 0.01, 0.09, 0.05
Not too bad! My beige g3 with x 10.0.2 might have this if I hadn't had to reboot after installing the developer tools, x 10.0.1 and x 10.0.2. Has it even been 53 days sence the release of os X public?

Good luck with all yer uptimes!
I know what you mean. My company has sun solaris webservers where uptime is routinely >250 days. When we're lucky we reboot about once annually.

7:52pm up 287 day(s), 18:09, 6 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05 [in EST]

This is what I'm aiming for w/ Mac OS X. To the OS's credit, it's only gone down when *I* told it to. These were situations where beta software or foibles w/ Classic environment or system overload have caused endless churn and I get p-o'd and reboot. E.g., while Sherlock is indexing and some classic app is doing heavy disk i/o and Mail is trying to load the inbox :/.

But for the time being --
7:07PM up 5:39, 1 user, load averages: 1.21, 1.29, 1.03 [in CST]
I've been having the display problems mentioned. I've rebooted 5 times and I still have them. If I switch video modes (16 to 24bit color for example) It seems to work for a while. But it still happens after a sleep/wakeup.

Has anyone else figured out what the problem is with 10.0.2?
Re the vertical banding problem when you drag windows under 10.0.2, let me guess: You have SETI@home installed. Turn off its screensaver mode.
It is Energy Saver that does the forced logout to me. I can use screensavers with no problem, but as soon as I enable energy saver, it logs me out when I am not looking.

Fix this bug apple!

Thanks to Elder Dan my display problems are fixed. It indeed was SETI@Home. Which after disabling screen saver mode I haven't had the vertical banding problems. Since I haven't been away from my machine long enough today I don't know if I'm still having the spuratic logout (or as probably more clearly labeled the "restart back to the login prompt") problem.

I also had the Seti screensaver active when I started this thread. After my 2nd reboot, the vert.banding probs went away. Later that day (or the next, I forget), I finally dragged seti to the trash due to unrelated issues.

For my own system, TiG4 v10.0.2 256mRAM 10G HD, seti and sleep/energy-saver were not the issue. After vert.banding problem and 2nd reboot, my machine dropped into saver mode easily 1 doz times, and the problem never recurred.

I'm glad and unsurprised that this is the likely source of the problem, and that it's so easy to fix.

Seti guilt/rant -- I like intelligent life as much as the next guy, but Seti was kicking up modal error messages after every sleep and whining about connectivity when blocks were finished. I finished two blocks and realized my contribution to science shouldn't outweigh my contribution towards good-will-towards-men. I trashed seti and incrementally reduced the world angst level. The seti news is depressing anyways -- according to Wired, they have a large part of the sky mapped, they still don't have any evidence for other radio-level civilizations in the 'hood.

Uptime -- 2 hours. :)
I've run about 150 blocks of data between my g3 with os9 and my red hat linux box. I haven't bothered getting it for os x. But I will. I know I, as well as the other thousand(million?) seti@home users, will NEVER find anything simply because we live hundreads of thousands of light-years away from the nearest star, let alowne the nearest intelligent-life-bearing planet. StarTrek Voyager fans will be quick to point out the possability of Sub-Space transmissions, as well as Intra-stellar antenna arrays. Not that seti would pick up that stuff anyway.
However, running SETI is cool:
1)It looks neat. Wether you run the command-line version or the graphical version, kseti, or all three, it looks great. I've even seen it on television shows, such as Invisible Man on sci-fi.
2)It makes your otherwise-sleeping computer actually do something. SETI may one day be the largest computational effort in the history of computational math.
3)Its fun to contribute to something, even if its worthless (like giving gifts to your boss......)
4)Because its a great way to benchmark your computer. Well, sort of. My g3 266 is almost as fast as my amd-k6/2 500. (mac os9 and redhat 6.1 stock, respectively).
5)I want to beat Robert Love, from MicroCenter (computer store in cincinnati). He runs it on two or three brand new G4 computers all day. And all night. But I'm catching up...

SETI is cool, pointless, it wastes energy, and I don't know.
I just wanted to say something. Ignore this.