Displaying fractions


Can anyone please tell me how I can get fractions into documents without using Equation editor or similar. InDesign allows you to insert fractions as a character from a particular font but no other mainstream app gives you this option, that I know of.

If I open a font in Fontographer then I can see loads of special characters that are not normally accessable including fractions. The only thing that I can think of is that the keystrokes for the fractions are cntr-u, cntr-v and cntr-x, and the cntr key now has a different function in later OS's.

Does anyone know of an extension, control panel, script etc to get around this.

Thanks Bob
You can see all the characters you are able to type with Key Caps program, which should be in your Apple menu. I'm not sure if there are any fonts in OS 9 that support it, but there are a lot of fractions in Unicode (see www.unicode.org).