Displaying Memory


Does anyone know of a way to show what programs are using what memory in OS X? I know it has a new Memory Manager that Manages everything, I'd just like to see what is taking up what.

Start up terminal and type


you'll see the following columns:

pid -- process ID. If you don't like the application (for example, Classic, which has problem quitting as well as TruBlueEnvironment which is the emulator part of Classic), you can later type

kill # -- # is the process ID displayed in top.

%CPU -- this one is straight forward -- % of CPU time

#TH -- number of threads ran by the app
#PRTS -- don't ask me
#MREGS -- similar.. guys fill me in on this one

RPRVT -- reserved private memory
RSHRD -- shared memory resources
RSIZE -- physical mem occupied
VSIZE -- virtual mem space occupied

to exit, press CTRL-C
Hey Thanx, that's exactly what I needed.. although I found the program ProcessViewer to be the same thing but with a graphical front end. Very Nice.