Dissapearing Dvd Drives Multiple Compuers


I have a powerbook G4 that I use primarily for audio. I was planning to back up files from my external firewire drive - a fantom 120 gb. I bought an external lacie porche dvd burner. It worked beautifully for about half an hour. Then it dissapeared- Will not mount, does not show up in system profiler. So to back up the files I plugged my external harddrive into a friend's g4 tower... began to burn a dvd from his factory apple superdrive... and before the disc was finished... his superdrive diaapeared!?!? same thing... even gone from system profiler and this was on the ata bus. I have also had repeated probs with ipods...
Both machines are running os x 10.3.x Could this be a virus on the exdternal drive... is there such a thing? Any ideas???


thanks in advance



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No such thing as a virus like that for Mac OS X. I'd suggest checking the FireWire cabling instead. Or the actual device's FireWire port.