Distributed.net Client


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Does anybody have the Distributed.net client working on OS X yet? It runs fine in classic, but I want a version that is native for OS X. I try downloading the one that is supposed to be for DP4, but it doesn't work. I untar the archive, but it doesn't show up as an application. Anybody have any ideas?
I did use the DP4 distributed.net client on a box running DP4 but quit it for some reason; probably because it was on a /A iMac with 128mb, and slow enough already. I don't remember for sure, but it's possible that it's designed to run from the CLI like the *nix varients are.
it runs in the terminal so to start it up you need to navigate to the directory it is in. then type "./dnetc"
works fine for me on an new ibook se and an imac.

You're using gnutar not tar right? Tar limits the filenames to around 12 characters or something -- not long enough for .app to appear, so the OS doesn't recognize the files correctly.
Just do what foolio says... open up terminal, cd to wherever you unpacked the program, and then type ./dnetc and it will start up.