DIV X codec

Now got it and dragged the component to the QuickTime preference library.

Which site I should go to take a look???
im trying to play an avi file. i have installed the latest version of divx, i have installed real player, i have installed wmcomponents for quicktime, i have installed vlc. none of them play the file. however whenever i switch to windows, real player plays the file with no problem. you might think why do i need to play it in mac os x if it plays in windows? because i need to record the file to a vcr and the vcr is hooked up to a mac powerpc machine. how in the hell do i get this file to play?
What codecs does the AVI use? In QuickTime Player, select "Show Movie Info" from the Window menu to see the codecs.
If Real Player plays it on Windows, you might want to try Real Player on the Mac... Although... It really depends what the AVI _is_ inside.
codec is iv50, and real player doesnt play the video on the mac side. after i installed vlt all other applications stopped playing audio. do i have to bite the bullet and pay $15 for that craptacular codec?