dns and host name stuff


Ok. I know this isn't totally suited for this forum, but I am going to throw the question out anyway.

I want my domain, http://www.sollaire.net, to point to my server on my own computer, Apache and PHP are up and running fine, now I just need to get the DNS stuff to work. How is this done? How do I do it with OS X? I know there are services like Yahoo! Domains that would direct the domain to my IP address, but is this worth it? Any help appreciated.

ok, if you want the easy way - you can just go to network solutions and have them do all the dns work, pointing the domain name to your server. there is a small fee for this, i am not sure what it is (apart from the $35 for the domain name itself...).

The other way is to install named on your machine and make your server the dns server. you will have much more control this way, such as being able to have multiple domains; http://www.bla.domain.com, and http://www.blabla.domain.com, all this can be done with named. You can also have multiple domains on your machine for completely different websites using virtual hosts in apache and named.

I know this because i handle all the dns stuff here at work. However, I have just added to and modified already existing systems and have not downloaded and compiled the beast myself - so i do not know where to go for that. but if someone finds out please let me know!
I was under the impression that you need to have at least two name servers on two different networks. That would mean that running your own dns service wouldn't be sufficient. I do think there are some open source (free) services out there, though.
the other name server is a secondary - someone else (a friend or something...) with a name server in a different location preferably, that has you set up on their machine as a secondary.

that did not make much sense... here is an example of the named.boot file (read on startup by named):

(domain name) (file for domain)
primary yourdomain.org db.yourdomain.org
(domain name) (host to query)
secondary someotherdomain.com

i would be the secondary server for someotherdomain.com, if their nameserver crashed or something, my machine would be queried for the info... it goes both ways...

(sorry for the mess, I am still learning this stuff!!)