DNS,Proxy Server and etc


first of all...i really dont know anything about this stuff so i really going to need your help on this things...

they'd register (for example: whoyouare.net) in yahoo.com for DNS registration...what they want to do is setup a server so when a user wants to view (whoyouare.net), yahoo will redirect it to our server (pls correct my understanding if im wrong) where the static Ip (given by our ISP) is registered in yahoo.com (whoareyou.net =

also, we have 3 different Internet connection (all broadband).

What they want to accomplish:

1) they want all 3 internet connections to be used all at the same time, which from my understanding, when 1 or 2 of the internet connection goes down, the active connection will still provide internet connection to other client computers...how will i do it??? pls provide different solutions...also is squid required???

2) is it possible to access a specific computer in the internet??? what i mean is this...they want to access pc01 in whoyouare.net (pc01.whoyouare.net) how should i do it? should i configure it on the Yahoo.com? our Server? should it be done by configuring BIND on our server??? pls advice...