Dns Update to a Windows Server Under 10.4


It's my understanding that under 10.4 the mDNSResponder can update a DNS server with it's host name. Testing today at work with a W2K3 and 10.4 seemed to show that this wasn't happening as expected. The 10.4 clients get a valid DHCP address from the windows DHCP service but don't seem to register their names with the DNS server. Am I wrong to expect this functionality?

The windows Admin fella is all over this as an issue "cause windows does it" .

Also, I've noticed that /etc/hostconfig doesn't have HOSTNAME=xxx in it anymore, therefore the host name seems to always follow what is defined in DNS. When I open Terminal I see the hostname as defined in DNS despite the computer name being something different.

Is this expect behavior under 10.4 as well? I added the HOSTNAME=xxx line to /etc/hostconfig which addressed the hostname in Terminal.

Any comments or ideas are welcomed.