Do I have to keep OS9 when i am upgrading to OSX???


Is it a necessity to keep OS( when i am upgrading to X, i am a new mac user and i just got my imac for OSX. I don't have enough software to require OS9 on my imac. If I don't have to keep it how do i remove it, when it's already installed. I remember when i was installing X, it asked me i would like to reformat my hard drive with Hfds(I am not sure if i got it right) What is it???:confused:
No more need 9 unless you have applications that require it.

Make sure you've backed up any important files you may have on your iMac. When you're ready to start fresh, get both your OSX cd's (10.0.x full & 10.1 upgrade) in front of you. Stick the 10.0.x cd in your drive and run the program that says Install OS X. You'll reboot and go straight into the installer, when it asks you what drive to install OSX on, choose the harddisk (obviously) and click the option near the bottom that says "erase partition" or something similar.

Thats it, when it's done installing, do the same thing with your upgrade cd, but don't hit the 'erase partition' option. :p