Do I really need 128MB memory?


I have only 96 megabytes of memory on my computer. I was wondering if I could still load OS X on it?
The question is not whether you can or cannot load it with
96Mb of memory, the question is how useful is it going to be.
If you just want to use OS X, and not classic with it, then
as far as I hvae heard, it's ok with 96Mb, if you want to run Classic as well... you are going to run into problems.
I'm running OS X w/Classic on a 233 rev. B iMac w/ 96 MB RAM, and it's fine. Pages to disk a bit, but not annoying or unproductive.
I have been running X on an iBook with 64. The occasional foray into Classic is pain (paging) but X is definitely usable.
OS X will run in less than 128 MB - virtual memory will take care of you down to about 64 MB. However, if you can, it's a good idea to upgrade to <i>at least</i> 128. The more RAM you have, to more RAM OS X will use, and the faster everything will go. Going from 128 to 256 to 384, I'm still seeing fairly dramatic increases in overall speed, especially when taking advantage of OS X's nice multitasking.

I'm guessing this is only important when accessing memory is the bottleneck - if you have a slower computer you're going to be worrying about other things. Still, with RAM cheap again, it might be a good idea anyway.
I started with 128 and X was usable, but not fast - even w/o classic running switching windows in certain apps was dog slow. I went up to 384 a few days ago and I couldn't beleive the speed improvement - it barely hits the disk even when launching an app! i dont know how that's possible, but...

I'm going up to 512 in a few days (as soon as my simm arrives) Idont expect to see as dramatic animprovement especially since i haven't had a pageout since the first upgrade - but no one ever had too much ram ;)

Besides, I'm sure Photoshop carbon will eat it up in no time
What a lucky Son Of A Gun....
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One more year...patience :p
im on a rev. a bondi imac with 96 mb's of ram and it runs nice, I even use classic occasionaly and it runs ok, a little slow though. later
You will be able to run OS X on it. You will even be able to run OS X public beta on it, although with a speed penality (hopefully, this will be better in the final version).