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yeah, I tried to customize my X Applications folder a bit by putting all the standard stuff in that folder into a seperate folder and I realized that you can't move the general preferences or the I believe it was the Utilities folder. And, if you move Sherlock the Command-F won't work from the keyboard either. You can't get away with an alias of sherlock where it was either. So, just beware. Hope they make this more customizable in the next version of X. Does anyone know of a way to FORCE this?
yeah, I did the same thing with PB. it sucked because I would try to use the shortcuts from the applications menu 'Sherlock' or 'system prefs' and it would not be able to find them.

My solution now is to just let OS X put them where it wants and I will create a separate 'appsAlias' directory that I can put in the dock and arrange as I like - with subdirectories for 'office', 'developer', etc... seems to work pretty well...
Damn it!! use USER directory and you will see your user name there.. install them there.. that's your home base Application belongs to Root.. and those apps are shared among many users in user dir.

think Unix!


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WHAT!!!!??? Install WHAT there? you want me to put sherlock and system prefs in my own user directory? You want me to install apps in my User dir so others have to search to find and use them? what are you thinking? Don't tell me to 'Think Unix'!!

I think the issue here is having an organized central location for apps (or an alias of those apps) to be stored for easy intuitive access. burying them further down in the tree is not going to help anyone.
read this url from apple's TIL

If you guys just wanted to make a alias then

select a file and press command key and click-hold then drag to where you want it to be then press option so the cursor will change to alias cursor then let go of the file and it become a aliases.


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UG! thats what I said in my first post: I created an 'Alias' directory in which I created subdirectories or categories into which I put aliases of the applications (by dragging them over the dir and then pushing the command+option keys).

Then by using the cool new expandable folder dock option, I can put this alias dir in the dock and access all my common applications.