Do What ??


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I don't know just when it happened, but all I know is.... I can not modify anything in my "Applications" folder unless I sudo via terminal, I can't delete, add or modify in any way any file or folder ????

I have rebooted, still same thing.....

Any ideas or help ??

I was just trying to create a new folder and drag an app over and got "Applications" can not be modified.....

I had to have triggered something somewhere because I've been modifying the hell out of it untill now ;-)
If you want to reset your Applications folder to the default settings, go to the Terminal, su root, and execute these commands:

chown root /Applications
chgrp admin /Applications
chmod 775 /Applications

This will make the directory owned by root, set its group to admin, and give read/write/execute permission to root and the group admin. It will also give read/execute permission to everyone. Let me know if this works or not.