Dock Drag N Drop No More Corruption In Mac Os X 10.4.2 Tiger


I am now unable to drag and drop files on top of their respective application icon in the dock. Doing so does not open the document anymore.The application icon does not react to the dragged file anymore, no changes what so ever, no shadows, nothing.
For example if I drag an excel file on top of the Excel icon in the dock it does not react, as if it did not recognize the file.
I checked it is fine when I dragged a document on top of the actual application icon inside the applications folder, in this case it does open the file. So it seems to be a dock issue.
I cant seem to a fine a descent manual or article to explain how to fix the dock.
The only thing I did recently is attempt to install oracle 10 g.
Please tell me you have seen before ;)


The Late: SuperMacMod
Click the following link to open the AppleScript in Script Editor, then press the green "Play" button to execute it. It will show you the file you should move to the Trash. Then restart your Mac.

--Open this script in a new Script Editor window.

set uid_ to do shell script "/usr/bin/id -u"

set ls_cache_file_ to "" & uid_ & ".csstore" as string

set ls_cache_file_ to alias ls_cache_file_
on error
display dialog "Sorry, could not locate Launch Services cache file" default button 2
end try

tell application "Finder"
set window_ to make new Finder window to ls_cache_file_
display dialog "Move the selected file to the Trash and then restart your Mac."
end tell