Dock *inside* menu bar

Piet Keizer

In the dock discussion, I'm missing the concept 'dock inside menu bar'. It would mean a great option for those with >= 1024 x 768 resolutions, like me.

I got this idea from the wonderful OS 9 extension called 'Taskmenubar'. This extension does everything I want the dock to do, *inside the menu bar*.

I've been using it for 3 months and I can't live without it. If it's not there for OS X, that's a reason for me not to move over.

Have a look at it - it's really, really neat!!!


I to use taskmenubar but it is deffinetly not worth staying in 9 X is much better. Besides it will probably be ported to X by the author if there are enough requests ;).


John Galt Member
it really is horrible, the functionality, and interface is full of bugs. try <b>A-Dock</b> (search for it on, it a beautiful thing. it makes OS 9 actually have a dock (just for open apps though.) it's also an app switcher without making every app in between active. and, it uses drag and drop to launch files...

try it, seriously


Piet Keizer

Does A-Dock let *every* folder placed in it evoke a hierarchical menu, just like the Apple menu?

Is A-Dock always visible, without taking valuable screen estate?

This is exactly why I think Taskmenubar is better than the Aqua Dock, A-Dock and even GoMac.

List of Taskmenubar features:

It also uses drag and drop to launch files.

I have *three* Apple menus.

It's always accessible without taking extra screen space. Never too big for the menu bar (1024 * something). In OS X, there is even more space in the menubar, when the Dock hopefully makes the Apple and the Applications menu obsolete.

And I've never experienced any bugs with it.

*All this, with a minimal user interface*
A-Dock and all the others are pretty ponderous, compared to Taskmenubar.

OK. Now things I'm missing in Taskmenubar:

Something the Windows task bar *can* do: drag objects into invisible windows, by making these windows visible when I drag them over their buttons in the Taskbar. That's very handy for file management.

The possibility to change the content of it by dragging and dropping stuff into it, instead of using the control panel. This is something nice about A-Dock. And it's allready present in Aqua.

Everyone who reads this: try these programs and mail your ideas to Apple. Thanks a lot, Bolindilly.


John Galt Member
there are many A-Dock faetures that many people overlook:

1: it's only visible when you need it. it canretract to the screen with the press of a button. also, it expands when you drag a file or your mouse over it.

2: it's a <b>great</b> app switcher. by pressing <b>ctrl + tab</b>, you have an app switcher comparable to that of OS X.

3: A-Dock gives much valuable info when you click and hold on an icon. (it gives you all choices in the process viewer in the top right of your screen plus more...)

AND, all that with a slick, customizeable, skinnable sizeable, awesome interface thats pleasing to look at as well as use.

i know, it sounds like i'm a salesman for A-Dock, but the fact is it has just saved me a lot of time. what A-Dock does is make OS 9 almost like OS X, and OS X rules the world.

also, Piet Keizer, were you being sarcastic when you said "Thanks a lot, Bolindilly."? (just wondering.)

thanks to everyone for their wel spent time reading this...


Piet Keizer

I'm not being sarcastic, BoLinDilly. I hope to collect and generate Dock ideas in this thread. That's why I thank you.

Generally, Aqua looks like a very minimal interface, lacking a lot of basic features, but with a lot of possibilities.

I hope Apple finds time to implement a lot of them before the final release, because that will help people accepting the new OS.

The option to place a dock with more A-Dock like functions in the menubar, would show many Aqua complainers at first sight that there's not much to complain about.