Dock Suggestions


Here are some suggestions I sent to Apple:
1) Display the title for items on the Dock at all times. Otherwise, it will be a pain when two folders or documents of the same type are minimized.

2) Make the icon for a WINDOW on the Dock different than the icon for a FOLDER or DOCUMENT on the Dock (that is, a folder or document the user dragged to the Dock.) Also, separate minimized windows from other icons on the Dock, just as documents are currently separated from applications.

Right now, it can be difficult to tell what leaves the Dock when the user shuts down the computer, and what stays. Also, it is confusing to have TWO icons on the Dock for ONE document.

3) Alternative to #2-- when a user minimizes a window, and the corresponding document or folder already has an icon on the Dock, minimize the window to the preexisting icon. An icon that represents a file and a minimized window should have a slightly different look than one that merely represents a file.
Here is an example. Let's say the user (call her Jane) dragged a document called Resume onto the Dock. Jane later opens Resume, and then decides to minimize the window displaying Resume. The computer will show (via animation) that the Resume window minimized to the icon for Resume Jane originally placed on the Dock. In addition, the computer will slightly change the icon to signify that it now represents a minimized window as well as a file. When Jane clicks on that icon, the window for Resume will open to the same place where Jane had it before she minimized the window, and the icon on the Dock will revert to its original state.
Notice that there is ONLY ONE ICON for Resume at all times!

4) Allow icons to be "docked" in the CORNER of the screen (for example, the Trash and Finder icons!) Icons docked in the CORNER of the screen will not move when users start programs, minimize windows, or otherwise add icons to the Dock.

5) Allow users to drag the Dock to any edge of the screen.

6) If possible, make the "clickable" region of an icon extend all the way to the edge of the screen.

7) Since one click activates icons on the Dock (as opposed to icons in Finder, etc.), try to make these icons into some sort of button.

8) Include a "tab" to allow users to select an icon without activating it. For example, this can make it easier for users to delete icons from the Dock--simply select the tab, and press Command-Delete.

9) An application icon that will leave the Dock when the user close s its application should look slightly different than an application icon that will stay on the Dock until it is explicitly removed.

10) In addition, there should be a quick way to keep an application icon on the Dock.
This example should clarify this suggestion. Let's say Jane starts the (hypothetical) application BoboWriter. Jane decides she likes BoboWriter, and wants to keep an icon for it on the Dock. Jane simply selects the icon on the Dock and selects the Keep on Dock option under the File menu (for the sake of argument).

I also sent this suggestion, about pop-up windows

Please bring back Pop-up Finder windows and allow these Pop-up windows to be "Spring loaded," as in OS 9. In addition, a great finishing touch would be to allow these pop-up windows to have a Columns view.