Dockling problem


Since I have installed Mac Os X, and also after upgrading to version 10.03 now, I am not able to use the docklings items. I can install them in the dock, but when I try to usethem nothing Happens. Is there any cinfig to perform or do anybody Know a solution?
I have had no problems with any of the docklings I have tried. which ones are you having problems with?

Try updating the docklings. I had to get the latest Massinova and Wheatherling. The eightball has no appaerant update :-(. Volume Docking causes a really annoying dialog on login.

Apple changed the Docking API. On the latest update. We can expect more incompatibilities as Apple polishes this new technology.


All these third party docklings are pretty much reverse-engineered hacks; I don't think any public documentation on the API exists at all. I know that some of the stuff in the Magic 8 Ball app wrapper specifically breaks the dock if it detects that the OS version has changed out from under it. Blame the people making the shareware docklings, if anyone.