Kent Lad
I've finally got my X.1 upgrade! (hooray!).
I like the battery dockling from X.0.4, but will it still work under X.1 (with those menu-bar things)?
The things up in the menu-bar are cool (especially the internet connect one), but I like having the battery dockling in the dock.
If I save it somewhere where the X.1 upgrade can't do anything to it, will it still work when I bring it back into X.1?

Just wondering ;)
Yep - it works fine. I missed it to, and downloaded someone's post of all the 10.0 docklings. Let me know if you need a copy...
Cool :)
I'll try and hide the battery dockling from X.1 installer etc, but I'll come a callin' if somehow I lose it ;)
MacCheeta - thanks :)

I was too lazy to go back and see where I found 'em. My touch of orange in the dock a-la Airport Dockling thanks you again :)