"document Not Saved" Message Excel


Created .xls document on PC with Excel 2003.

E-mailed to self (yahoo); downloaded to my Powerbook G4 running OS X 10.3.9.

Yahoo does Symantec virus screen before downloading --- no virus detected.

Added more data to .xls workbook and saved on my Mac -- with no difficulty / no error message.

E-mailed revised/resaved version (again to self); downloaded on originating PC. When try to save, I get "Document Not Saved" error message. Happens whether I try "save", "save as", or when I try to rename.

Any guess as to the problem:
--- problem with version of Excel 2003 (PC) that I created document on?
--- document is corrupt?
--- problem with sending it as an e-mail attachment?
--- incompatability with Symantec virus screen?
--- a problem or incompatability on my Mac end of things?

Have done several "tests" to try to figure out cause with no success.

Haven't had this issue with other .xls documents that I have similarly e-mailed, downloaded, revised, and saved across platforms.

Thanks for any answers on this:)
Try going back to your Mac, save it as a different file name and send it to yourself again.