Documenting Kernel Panics.....


OK, I've got sime serious issues with the OSX.

Qite often i get the dreaded "Kernel Panic". Text shows through the GUI an I'm asked to continue or reboot.

This seems to be happening to me periodically. It only happens while connected to the net (PPP) and browsing with IE5.

How do I document these panics correctly?

I know I should write everything down. But is there a system log where this text might get stored? If so where is it? The system log I found only indicates a time reset at the moment of the panic. The Panic itself is never registered.

I get these A LOT so I should have specifics in a few days.

Thanks for the advice,
I had 1 of those panics...

Best way to document ... GRAB A CAMERA! I did :]

There was a LONG thread about this sort of thing on the Darwin mailing list, especially how to get quality info that isn't itself corrupted.

There aren't any reliable tools in Darwin or Mac OS X right now, but if you can use gdb to get a trace or core then it might make some developers happy :)