Documenting Software from 10.0.0-10.1


I want a list of exactly what software has been changed, deleted, modified, upgraded since 10.0.0 Golden Master.

For example: there was no SSH in 10.0.0 and since, there have been multiple updates with each SW install.

I am interested primarily in the darwin (BSD/UNIX) based applications.

Also, is there a list of what to expect in 10.1??

My current plan is to look in the applecare knowledge base for each of the manuals ie: 10.0.1-10.0.2, 10.0.2-10.0.3.....and on.

I will then compile a list from that. I am not sure how much info those guides have.

Can someone reply??


its going to need good documentatio.

This is JUST ONE of the important things needed.

Checkout what I have done already:

This is VERY poor, but it's a start. I would really like :

10.0.0: NO SSH, JRE 1.3. .... ... ... ...
10.0.1: SSH v1, JRE 1.3.0_0_1, iTunes 1.1, FTPD 1.0

Above is fictitious data.

You get the idea.
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Why do I think there is demand for such a list? Because OSX needs as much reputability as possible:

I use FreeBSD, now, I installed 4.3 stable and it came with a ports collection. To install JDK 1.3.0, ports wanted something like: JDK 1.3.0_0_2 whereas sun was only supplying 1.3.0_0_4.

Since Apple is a BIG commercial company, and wants to become even bigger, such documents would speed things along.

Personally, I am helping a lab at my school put in some macs, but since Apple is commercial, having to BUY an upgrade, or pay for one will sometimes stop a purchase

Having such a list is a good way to know what you need to do if you CAN'T (or it isnt profitable) to get the latest and greatest from apple

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So McGill is installing a Mac lab! That's good news... Although they had some when I was there (physiology, class of 98!), they seemed to be replacing all of them by el cheapo PCs.

As for your question, the idea is interesting. However, as you know, Apple does not list everything that is changed when applying an update. Doing what you are proposing is going to be a difficult task (even though it would indeed be useful).

I don't know if you have considered it but you could use Apple System Profiler to track frameworks, extensions and application version numbers. It is going to be tedious (finding what was changed after each update) but it should work.

Good luck!