Does 10.1 run faster on older G3's?


Does the latest burn (5G64 or 5G68) of OSX 10.1 run any faster on an older G3? I have a 266mhz G3 desktop with 192MB of RAM. I was running OSX from the original debut release (when it first came out), but switched back to OS 9 in order to use a more stable environment for classic apps. I have not really used the original OSX since it was first released for the above mentioned reason as well as a somewhat lackluster performance rate on my "dinosaur" machine. Will the updates to the OS9 and this new build of OSX run any faster/better on my old G3?

It works well on my B&W G3 (but no dvd playback yet)
I have not tried to install it on my work beige G3 tower @266 yet.
It will. Apple simply extremely refined the code with a new compiler and etc. OS X has always been AltiVec so of course it will be much faster on a G4 and especially a dually.
It runs great on my Beige G3 MT Rev A 266/416/60ATA100/ATI Rage II+ 2vram

I can drag a QT while it's playing and it doesn't skip a beat. and it plays in the dock. to here more of my take on 10.1 on a Beige G3, read my review being posted at Mac Write next week.
yes yes yes, I'm so happy about this!!! I REALLY hope I can run OS X well on my old beige G3 266.
Runs good on my 266 (upgrade to 500). Everything is improved, especially the action of the finder.

Also, some openGL stuff would not work for me on previous versions, but now everything (Quake) does.