Does AddressBook work for anyone?


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Under 10.1 my AddresBook application crashes as it's opening. Is this happening to anyone else?

Yeah, yeah, I know it's not a great loss, but it is odd.

Works fine for me... i'd run fsck at startup (hold down cmd-s for single user boot, type fsck -y, run it again and again until it comes up with no errors, then type logout to continue) to try and fix any errors (such as in the address file) that might be causing a crash. If that doesn't help, try erasing your address file (if it doesn't have any important addresses in it). If it does, gee, i dunno. try opening it in pico or something to extract the addresses.
Did you check the console for messages?

Also, if you have another username, try that as it may be its preferences or corrupted entries.

Does the pictures from address book still show up in the

and I agree, that is odd.

(I'm used to bombing, but address book is usually pretty clean...)
Good ideas...I'll try them out tonight. No, I don't have any addresses save my own in AddressBook. I'll delete things one at a time to see if it was the prefs, the data file, etc.