Does anyone else hate the hype on the iTunes Phone?


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An iTunes Phone. Big woot. So why is it getting so much hype? Im sick of it and dont see how its so fascinating at all...theres a billion phones out there that can play songs on them....
As long as it doesn't have that thing that in that horrid song that sounds like a chipmunk, I don't care... sorry
I haven't felt much hype, and I also think that this is nothing really special. If you can have a camera on your phone, why not songs? It's a simple idea.
I don't care about playing music on my phone - old news.

However, if this thing came with a decent amount of built in storage (1GB or more - either flash or hard disk based), then my interest would be somewhat aroused. From what I've heard on the rumour mill though, this isn't too likely.

And in any case, it doesn't look like this phone will have a qwerty thumb board, in which case my interest drops to 0%.

I think the hype comes more from the sites like engadget where the audience is all about the latest and greatest. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of hoo-ha or concern from the general public.

I've said this before, but I don't need a cell phone to do much other than make phone calls, so I see this as a non-event.

That said, if there were an ipod that could be use to make phone calls I might be more interested.
The hype also comes from Apple/Moto announcing their pact more than a year ago. Right now, I merely hope what they have to offer is not pathetic. But I fear it is...
dial abc for this ring tone, oh I can put up with another add as long as i don't hear it on someones phone LOL

OMG I can't beleive I said that

oh I did

hey I hear ringing in my ears

But really the Hype is any company promoting that annoys the pips outta ya unless you are 15 years old LOL