does anyone know about ethernet pc cards working on mac


I have a couple of ethernet cards from scratch pc machines at work (as usual) and i would like to use if possible a pc card to make a network at home with my ibook and g4 bi 500 and a pc (i have a hub) to be able to connect to the internet with my dsl connection.
I have tried one card a dlink but it doen't recognize it as a ethernet card in the system profil (it just mount).
have other cards but haven't tested them yet.

Does anyone have a solution.

Working under osx.
The only real solution would be to stick 'em in and try them out and/or look for Mac drivers on the company's website.
Plug them in and try them out by all means, but ethernet cards are so cheap these days you might save yourself some headaches and surf around eBay for one that works natively under OSX. I found a Farallon FastEtherTX 10/100 PCI there for $9 that requires no additional driver install under OSX; just install and go.

There is an article here that might interest you:
a while back dell was selling ethernet cards for $0.76 [yes, 76 cents] each...and get this...FREE SHIPPING!

i bought a whole box worth, just to have around :D
Look on the card, see if there are any other manufacturers involved with the card. Sometimes a search on google for "'company name' + drivers" or something like that will yeild something that works. For instance dlink may be selling cards made in part or whole by an entirely different company...and dlink only wants to support win2k. personally the only time this worked for me was with an old 3rd party cdrom drive, but i know it can be done with nic cards too. i just know it.:eek: