Does anyone know were the new apple store location


Does anyone know were the new apple store location will be, the one in plano, tx.
i really want to get a job there but i have no clue were it will be at, i was thinking the mall in plano collin creek but i doubt its ganna be there, anyone from that area have any ideas ????
You can apply for jobs at the stores at apple's site. Go to the shop different page and at the bottom is a link for Job Opportunities. I think they have separate listings for each location that will be opening... But I didn't look closely - I only looked at the Boston area ones (Cambridge and Peabody? I think).

If I remember correctly, you need to either copy and paste a resume or build one with their resume builder.

This article says Plano will be early August:,11011,2784819,00.html

After two and half hours in line I was finally able to see an Apple Store (#4) in person. It was nice, tons of software and most of the systems had Mac OS X on them (versus CompUSA which won't run Mac OS X on any of the display systems). And I got a cool t-shirt out of it. All and all, a fun day at the mail.:D
This image is of the line to the Apple Store at 9:58 am (about 30 minutes before I got in). I am clearly visible standing looking at the camera.


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