Does anyone really user mp3 players


I think it is a generation thing. I am 51 and do not understand why I would want 1000 songs to carry with me every where I go. That what the radio does for me. If I find a good station I rarely hear the same song twice. I saw the iPod last night. It is a very cool device but not one that will make me shell out $400. Do not get me wrong I thing it worth every penny, but do I need it. An $8000 HDTV set is really cool too but I wouldn't buy it.

Of course this is just my opinion. I could be wrong.

I would like to find out how big a minority I am.

I find Mp3 players to be much more useful, and certainly more dependable.

I do agree that a good radio station is a. free music, and b. infinite types, and amount of music. The problem I have with a radio in a form such as a walkman, is that when I'm riding the train in the morning, you might as well forget about getting anything more than some mangled song that you can barely make out due to poor reception. Tapes are still good, but tend to wear out, both physically, and in terms of use. I don't know anyone who likes the guy who sits next to you on public transit rewinding, fast forwarding, rewinding... Buttons clicking loud the whole time. CD players rock, compact, digital, never wear out. But unless you spend bucks you're looking at a pretty good digital remix of your song... skip, skip...

Mp3 players are good like that, digital, no moving parts, no annoying 1950's style rewind and fastforward buttons made to annoy, and small footprints which also have a terrific battery life. (Sometimes) What annoys me about Mp3 players is having to load them up w/ a computer... This was a big problem for me when I bought the rio 500, I couldn't store very many songs... That has changed however with the advent of players like the iPod.

For me Mp3 players are more functional, and hardy. That's what I personally like about them... I really think it just comes down to your preference...
I much prefer my MiniDisk recorder/player. I like having a hard copy of my music etc.
Don't know why, that's just me I s'pose ;)
I use my Rio when I jog, mountain bike, ski, snowboard... No moving parts means it won't skip even on the roughest terrain. Plus it's so tiny and light it's not cumbersome to tote around like portable CD players can be (and CDs skip).
Yeah, MD all the way. I think the iPod is cool and stuff and I am cotemplating the purchase of one, but MD is amazing. I have two and the new MDLP portable recorders are amazing. Sony battery life is amazing, even on a rechargeable battery. One draw back, only real time recording at the moment. Although Sony is working on something that will allow MD to more or less download songs compared to just recording. We shall see. Wow, I used amazing in that post an amazingly large number of times. Amazing.

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I do agree that a good radio station is a. free music, and b. infinite types, and amount of music.

Crikey! What radio stations do you listen to?

Mind you I think radio in the States is generally better than it is over here. Rather than 'infinite types and amount of music', we just get the same 25 or so songs repeated over and over again.

I've toyed with the idea of getting an MP3 player in the past, but because I don't use a walkman much, I never bothered. However, my car tape deck has recently packed up... now THERE'S a reason to buy an iPod.
I was going to get an MD, but then I thought about it and considered the fact that I dont really listen to music on the go.

I am at work or at home most of the time where I have a mac & my MP3s. When I am out I usually listen to the elevator music :p

If my PDA supported MP3s (which my new, yet to be received, iPaq does), I might consider putting MP3s on it.
I listen to MP3s, but not when I am on the move, only via iTunes sitting in front of my Mac. I would like to get an iPod to easily transfer data between my Mac at home and at work. Maybe then I will start listening to mp3s as I move around. If I use the iPod to shuffle data for my own home business, I can depreciate it, but the IRS probably wouldn't allow it just to listen to music.
Well radio here in Pheonix, Az sucks too much to make having a portable radio realy worth much. It used to be better but since KUPD has gone to hell and ZRock is gone, there really arn't any more hard rock stations around here. So CD's and MP3's are the order of the day.

Also you don't have to put up with the damn comercials and the DJ's that act like 4 yr olds.
I can see how a hardcore music fan would absolutely love some of the newer MP3 players equipped with hard drives. The flash ram players don't hold nearly enough music. The CD players that can play MP3s are a definite improvement, but you still have to keep track of CDs. I think the hard drive models are the best that are available right now. And speaking of them, doesn't the Creative Nomad have a 6 GB hard drive? Isn't it about $250-$300? I'm sure it doesn't have the intuitive interface and firewire synching that the iPod does, but are those worth $100+? Hopefully some ad wizard at Creative doesn't get any bright ideas and cripple Apple's pending marketing campaign with those points... By the way, I don't hate the iPod, I just belong to the masses that think it's a bit too expensive just yet.
is it getting rarer to hear "good" and "radio station" in the same sentence? If I get N'Stync or Britney Speared in my ears while I bench or squat, I'll die, no way I'm gonna listen to radio while I workout or run. but of course... you can always find somebody singing some weird shit in the gym...

I use archos (pretty ugly compared to iPod) when I workout/run. I don't NEED 6GB of music at once. Battery don't last long enough to listen to them all. but I'm not always in the same mood, so I'm not going to listen to the same music all the time. 6GB maybe overkill just for music, but it gives you more options than 64MB. and you don't really find anything in between.

I will consider buying an iPod, only if whatever mechanism it uses for anti-skipping is as good as advertised. Archos uses HD, so it skips once I start running hard. It's been the same with CD or MD players I've had (jogging is fine... sort of... if you try to jog with minimum motion). Some people told me that their MD players never skip, and while I can't say much about their claim since I've never owned the ones they had...but I've always wondered how hard they run. Of those who told me their MD players never skip, the ones that I knew......basically didn't use their players while they're in any situation to run.

At home, I rarely use mp3 player, hardware or software... because I listen to RADIO!!! I must be lame, for a moment, I thought that would be funny. But anyway, I don't have much mp3 in my HD. The ones I download are from live events, or rare b-sides, singles I can't find. I never conducted any tests on the quality of mp3s of my own... but the simple fact is that while I think mp3 is a good medium for sharing, I never took it seriously for listening... so the 2chan audio system for my cd player has always been better than the one for my computer. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that I buy music I like, and experiences with mp3s I've downloaed some years ago. It still amazes me how some people manage to make such crappy mp3s...

some of my friends are burning audio cd's from mp3s that seem to have added static (or is that part of music nowadays?), songs that seem to be missing 10 secs or so at the end, etc... and they bring me a copy with a proud smile and say "let's listen to this at your place". one time, a friend brought a CD that was titled "top 20"......that was some experience.

If you have radio staions in your area that you must be in heaven. I, for one, live in radio hell. I listen to radio only to find stupid commercials that will be a topic of some smalltalk. Not so coincidentally, "Top 20" Music section of any stores is somewhere I tend to ignore... I don't get the "popular music"...

...and well, as far as Creative bro works for them, and continually tells me not to buy any Creative product, so I'm staying away from them. When a conversation goes like "how's work?" "don't buy shit from us", it can't be that good.

this place is good for my health... somebody always provides me with a topic that I can just bitch about and relieve my stress... too bad you guys can't use /ignore like on irc...