does classic enviroment even work?


Where's your head at?
i havent had one program run under classic once since i installed os x (when it first came out)... it just seems to hang on my computer, it says its starting classic enviroment, and i just cancel it b/c nothing seems to be happening...

how long does it take to get the program to open up under classic 9?

what i do right now to use os9 programs, i setup my startup disk as os9 and reboot to os9...

Starting up classic is like waiting for your machine to reboot in 9.1, only a bit slower. Whilst Classic is starting up, click on the little triangle - it'll open the window, and you can see your extensions etc running across the bottom of the screen. This should give you some idea of how long Classic is taking to start up.

Once it's started, you can leave it running, so your Classic Apps will start without having to wait for the environment to boot.

It's possible that you may be running some extensions that aren't supported in Classic, which may be causing it to hang, or at least slowing it up some. Did you get your Ti with OSX preinstalled? If so, I found that switching off the Airport extension in 9.1 sped up the Classic load no end, because it's not supported by Classic. If you didn't, then watch the start-up and see how far it gets - it's a bit like trying to catch software conflicts under previous Oss.

Finally, it could just be that the app won't run under Classic - some just won't (VPC, for example)