Does ISDN work in the Release version of OSX


I have An ISDN modem that did not work at all in the PB because their was no option for ISDN modems!!!!! it uses Remote access with a script in os9.1 so i see no reason why it would not work as a dial up connection in osX! Please Help me anyone with ISDN's!!!!
If it is a serial port ISDN "Modem", then it probably disguises itself to the host computer as a Hayes-compatible analog modem, with all of ISDN protocol embedded in the box you attach to the serial port. Should work like any other serial port modem (especially as you said it did).

ISDN Terminal Equipment are BRI cards, and ISDN protocol is implemented either in the card logic, or in the host driver/stack. These ISDN cards are probably not supported, but it might be possible to port isdn netgraph nodes from FreeBSD.

yea, it has a flash rom and stores all info through an app in os9 and as long as it retaines power it retains the settings, unfortunetly it is not supported by the maker anymore, bastards. it is a serial modem