Does it makes sense to upgrade?


Do you need to buy a new G4 or would it be better to upgrade?
Whenever Apple comes out with a new range iof desktop machines, owners of older models face the quandary of whether to upgrade their existing Mac or splash out on a new machine. The question's even trickier with the latest batch of G4 PowerMacs because they're not only faster than previous models, they're cheaper and they offer new features such as the superdrive.
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I think it all depends on how much disposable income you have and if your current setup is sufficient for you present needs. Hardware will just continue to get better and better. You could wait forever if you always were looking for the best Mac.

But, to be sure, OS X has put a strain on older Macs (pre G4 AGP). You need a fast processor and lots of ram to really take advantage of the system. If you were thinking of upgrading your computer, now is a very good time to do it.

As far as upgrading your existing, I wouldn't put money into too old of a computer if you need performance. I doubt that older hardware will continue to be supported as OS X moves forward. There are already a lot of people who's 3 year old machine is not fully supported by the new OS.

Or you could do what I did and create a FrankenMac. Buy a good G4 with just the minimum configuration and then stripe your old Mac for parts and/or buy faster and larger hard drives and additional memory from 3rd party vendors. Then you can build your dream machine on a budget. I tell, you though, OS X screams on a dual processor. :)
I'm not really 'down' with the idea of upgrading, specifically the processor. I had a G4 533 in which I upgraded the CD-RW and added a HD .. that's fine. But I don't really trust those CPU uprade kits for some reason. I'd suggest putting it up on eBay (there's always some fool that will buy your old gear) and put that money towards a new or newer system. But that's just my opinion.