Does iTunes work for you???


I was just wondering if iTunes 1.1 for X work completely for you??? Can you get the visual plug-ins to go full screen. It is greyed out on mine. And by the way since it is open knowledge that the built-in visual plug-in is G-Force, why did Apple screw up Andy O'Meara's code. (G-Force gets wonderful frame rates in SJMP (around 45 fps in full screen /OS 9on my G4500MP w/ 320 MB of RAM ) and iTunes gets 20 fps if I'm lucky. What's the deal?

Sorry about the rant there. Just wondering if everyone was having the same problems.

itunes is "ok" as a piece of software. IT has the nice feature of letting you decide if you want to listen to just a specific album, or search by artist, but I as a litener prefer to leave the shuffling a decision to the computer where I am doing something (like now). I have not found a "shuffle" command yet, although there probably is one.

I prefer MacAst lite for my MP3 playing. Small, and efficient.

The button at the bottom with the 2 arrows crossing each other is random. This is the shuffling feature you were looking for.

The full screen option is greyed out on mine as well. I can't comment on the fps because I run dnetc in the terminal and it takes most of the processor time.
iTunes for OS X does not support Full Screen visuals...yet. I'm guessing you guys didn't read your Read Me's.

The buttons across the bottom are, from left to right:

REPEAT / REPEAT 1 (one click, two clicks)


You can also play by GENRE, as well as by artist or album. You can shuffle within these, shuffle your entire librabry, or shuffle within playlists you've created.

LOL I rarely rad the read mes LOL :p
It all started when I was putting together my first G.I. joe vehicles....

Try the new version. Full screen visuals and CD burning support have been implemented.
I just installed it and the full screen was the first thing I checked out. Apple is on the ball. Now all we need is DVD...