does java rmi work?


I can't get rmi to work for me. I am just doing the simple echo example that I found on sun's website. I compiled everything with javac, fine. I rmic'ed the remote classes, fine. I started rmiregistry 5000 &, fine. Then I did

java -Dsecurity.policy(or whatever this is called)=java.policy Echo.EchoServer localhost 5000 &.

Now the EchoServer runs and initializes, but it thows an exception when it tries to register in the rmiregistry. I get a classnotfound exception: Echo.EchoServerImpl_Stub. However, I shouldn't be getting this, because there is a class Echo/EchoServerImpl_Stub.class (created by rmic).

Any ideas of what's going on? I was able to get this working in the public beta (not the exact program, unfortunately, but a more complicated one; when the complicated one stopped working in OSX retail, I dropped down to this case).