Does MAC OS X have DHCP support?


It's the one thing stopping me from pre-ordering it. I have a cable modem which uses DHCP. I'm on Long Island and use optimum online. Does anyone have this working, or know if the final version will have full DHCP support? Please help!

Thanks :)
DHCP works fine for me. It was even in the public beta. Well... In fact, I think it's been in every release since um... those Rhapsody releases I used years ago. If you need PPPoE, I'm not sure if it's in there... But, DHCP is.
True, the tech is in there, but very few people have been able to get optonline cable to work because of a DHCP problem with OS X. I don't know the details, but I'm afraid that it won't work, and I don't want to have to hack the system to make it work, like some have had to do.
I'm using the PB with Optimum Online as well... I do have a router, but everything works fine. DHCP is there
That's just it, if you plug the ethernet line directly into the computer, you'll find it doesn't work in the beta. My freind had the same config.