Does this thing have Infrared???


In all the euphoria that surrounds OS 10.1, I've noticed no one write anything about the infrared capabilities of the OS. Which brings us to the question: Does this capability exist? :confused: If so, I have not been able to find where it is or how to activate it, nor how to 'beam' files over to my lowly "windows users" friends. ;)

If anyone has a clue about this, write, write, WRITE!
I don't think there is much, if any, IR support built into X. IR is slow and is on the way out .. as you can tell because Apple hasn't included IR on any of it's hardware since the last Power Books.

(I could be totally wrong, so feel free to flame away at the hardware moderator for not knowing his shit .. but I've never paid much attention to IR :eek: )
I think IR was one of the mediums that airport kinda took the place of. Same principle but you don't have to be in the line of sight to use.
I don't think the new books have IR since they have airport.
I could be wrong though.
Apple phased out IR from Desktops and Towers some time ago.
I think that this came about because people were not using it and it cost a lot for something that was not used.

All apple portables (except for modern day iBooks) have it.
IR is functional in OS X.
At least modem-IR works. Apple has made drivers for ericsson, nokia and motorola IR enabled phones to allow mobile users to connect to the internet with their mobile phone (via IR I believe since data cables for those phones are neither USB nor Mini-DIN 8 serial which no "new" macs have any more).

We just have to test the IR in OS X.
I dont think that apple will phase out IR until it can find a way to have mac and non mac devices communicate in some other way.

Perhaps Bluetooth technology will take care of this, but bluetooth is quite new and will not be "standard" on macs or PCs for some time.

Also another noteworthy point, have you seen PC desktops/towers with IR latelly ? Nope, I havent. Just laptop models. So apple aint alone in this :)

Never really tried IR . Can anyone tell me how fast it is. For example the connection between two ti books.

I tried to connect to the Internet through Nokia 8310 with 14.4kbps connection speed.

Ir has 4MBit transfering speed.

Some HP/Epson printers support Ir.

Something useful with Ir is I can change the display logo of my cell phone freely!
I successfully sync my Sony Clie PDA (PalmOS) with my TiBook 500 via the infrared port and OS X.

Additionally, I am able to access the internet on my Palm by PPP-ing through the infrared port and having OS X share its internet connection...which begs the question: if I'm right next to a laptop, why would I surf the internet on a PDA?

Modern iRDA standards have a max transfer speed of 11 Mbits/sec don't they?

And iRDA is a control panel in OS X (on supported computers), isn't it?
It doesn't have its own preference pane. Instead IrDA shows up as another network port (like PPP, Ethernet, Airport) under the Network pane.

I have it but don't know how to use it. My boss and i were going to beam stuff to each other once but we never did. Maybe we should try it.

Actually, powerbooks DO have a 4 mbps irda port. Its located at the far right of the laptop when looking at it from the back side. The ibook and and all the desktops dont have IR.
Bluetooth! Yeah, i like the idea of that! I have Bluetooth on my (Cell) Mobile Phone (Ericsson T68) and its very nice! you can just "chuck" someone Ringtones, background Pics, Or play Multiplayer Gaming, Across a Boring Lecture! LOL!

Its Cool, and the Blue "Discovery" Light on the T68 just Rocks!

Oops, i went on a little about phones! LOL! < Sigh >

NeYo, are you in the United States? I haven't found anyone selling bluetooth phones here.

But I did faithfully go buy the $50 USB Bluetooth adapter for my Mac. Can't wait for Sony to release their Bluetooth memorystick.

Hey Man ... No, i'm In England, it seems you guys aren't so blessed with Mobile Fones as us, or so i hear! shame! ...

Here's my Fone! ...


Originally posted by ~~NeYo~~
Hey Man ... No, i'm In England, it seems you guys aren't so blessed with Mobile Fones as us, or so i hear! shame! ...

Here's my Fone! ...



actually, bluetooth phones are available in the U.S. check out The T68 is available there. The coverage is still somewhat limited right now, but it is increasing. Voice steam might also offer bluetooth on their phones.
That is all I use it for.

I suppose I could use it to establish a connection between 2 macs.

But... it works great for PalmSync