Hi I just donated.

I donated a very little because its pretty much all I can spare. Poor college student and I just ordered an iPod. But after all the info I get on here I felt I needed to give something even if it wasn't a whole lot.


Maybe this isn't the forum, but since it came up, thought I'd mention it. I donated last month because I think this site is a valuable source of information and it allows people to agree to disagree without (much) trolling.
That said, I must say the actual act of donating was anticlimatic. While I didn't expect the red-carpet treatment, it would have been nice if the donation has even been recognized. An e-mail, a pm or even a "thank you" screen after completing the transaction would have prevented me from stopping for a few seconds and asking myself if the donation truly was appreciated or just expected.
A little closure would have helped confirm that it was a good thing to contribute to this site. Kinda like making sure napkins are included so you can wipe your mouth after a satisfying takeaway meal.


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What were the financial goals that the site was supposed to have reached? Just curious, since we've gotten no feedback on what our money was going for.


The money goes to support the cost of the server and hosting. The size of this site makes it quite costly to host.

And I assure you, your donations are a true blessing.


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Your donation did not go unanswered. You have helped the site pay its bills.

Contributing members have their own section of forums and while it is not very active right now, it's your own place. The Roundtable is where you can give your ideas to this site. This forum is open to anything (as long as you follow the forum's rules)

We should be hearing from Scott pretty soon as to what the actual verses the goal is.

Thank you for contributing and allowing us to continue to help the Mac community. :)


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I just mention it because at the time when we were donating and getting ads "until our financial goals are met", we were given no info on what the actual financial goals were, even after being asked repeatedly. It was like a PBS fundraiser with no disclosure.