Don't buy iMac RAM upgrade from Mac Mall or Apple. even it's free!!


I just realized how dumb I was.
Today I bought 256M PC133 (x3) Memory upgrade from for 2 of my PCs. $30 each and total plus shipping I paid $106. After I got the package, just out of curiousity I put one of these thing to my iMac SE 600. guess what, it worked!. Mac mall actually charge you $30 for installing your "free RAM"
Buying memory upgrade from Apple Store is even more outragous - they charge $200 to upgrade your memory from 128 to 384(so for 256M extra you pay $200)
I would rather upgrade my Mac to 1.1GGGG memory by buying 2 512M PC133 from for $64 each!!!

When I bot my iMac I paid $30 so they give me a "free" 128M upgrade. today after opened box, I found one of them is actually a crap PC100 one. no idea if it's the original Apple memory or Macmall's upgrade.

BTW I don't work for, 256M memory for about $30 is everywhere.

I will upgrade my mac to 1G next week. damn, so cheap!

Can't wait to get the official 10.1, see how it performs on my 1G G3 600, I bet it will beat the crap out of those expensive G4s at the same price.
I am sure your G3 600 is fast ( I have a iMac 500) but it can't beat a G4 running OS X at the same or close mhz rating. There is a lot of optimization in OS X utilizing the velocity engine in a G4.
Should have got a G4 instead:eek: