Don't want XP to be able to modify all files on Mac



I've just switched to Mac for home (new iMac G5 running Tiger) but I still have an XP pro laptop that I'd like to share files with. I set up the iMac to do Windows Sharing, and I was able to see it and access it with my PC. The PC is connecting to a user account on the iMac that has administrative rights.

The problem is, the PC has unrestricted access to ALL the files on the iMac, and can modify/delete with impunity. I only want the PC to be able to access the Public folder. I've read elsewhere on this forum that XP seems to ignore file permissions set by Macs.

Is there any solution to this? I suppose I could set up the iMac as an FTP server, but I think it would be easier to just continue using Windows Sharing since I know it works, but I just want to restrict the scope of what the PC can access.

Thanks for any ideas,

Welcome to the forum, Deezighn.
What you need is SharePoints. This neat app will allow you to adjust access rights of any folder or volume. Btw, it's freeware!

I've downloaded and installed it, and I'll give it a try tonight.

-Deezighn (and thanks for nice welcome!)