Doom 3 no sound and mouse problem


Dont know why but for some reason Doom 3 on my mac doesnt have any sound maybe cos i have a pro sound card (MOTU 2408 mk 3) and the mouse stays as slap band in the middle of the screen. Any help would be cool.

Running a dual 2.5 g5 all standard harware except sound card
Hi Andy,

I have a very similar set up to yours, with the exception being I am using a Presonus Firepod audio interface. However, I have had the same problems you have. First off, there was no sound. I Found out through trial and error, it seems D3 simply does not support ANY kind of external sound box. It was not until I turned off my external unit that suddenly, sound started playing through the built-in speaker. As for the cursor bug, I also had the same issue. The only fix I was able to come up with was that since I have dual 21" monitors, I can choose which monitor to play it on by holding down the Command key when I double click Doom 3 in the finder. This makes it come up with a dialog box where you can choose the resolution and scan rates along with a couple other options. there is also a choice for "select monitor" or something like that which allows you to choose which monitor to display D3 on. Moving the game onto the secondary monitor, without a menu bar, was the only way I was able to get the stuck cursor to go away.

Now onto my problem: The game automatically jumps back to the title screen every time I try to go to the next level, by going down the elevator shaft. Not too much fun since it's only about 3 minutes into the game.

And Aspyr's tech support is a effin' joke. Why on earth did ID go with them for the mac port??????
But I also suspect that the audio problems have more to do with OS X than with D3. What OS version are you running? I have been using Tiger with my G5 since i bought it, and it just seems like there is something fishy with the core audio driver for Tiger. I keep having all kinds of weird sound problems with moving windows across monitors that I never had in any other version of OS X.