Double Login, Twice the fun of the fair


We have recently purchased a new G5 with Tiger when previously we were running Panther on all our other G5's with no issues (within reason)

Whenever loging in as a user (other than the administrator), it appears that you have in effect logged in twice.


It is not possible log just the 'phantom' user out as is just boots you out completely.

This seems to be causing a few problems in general, ultimately resulting in the machine practically grinding to a halt.

Can't see this issue mentioned anywhere else on here, has anyone else come across this?
Haven't seen this. What I _did_ hear was that some menus are doubled because of at least one version of DivX being installed (but that was the Help menu, IIRC). What I mean is that this could be due to some third party utility/driver/whatever you could have installed. A "double login" certainly doesn't exist in Mac OS X, at least not that it'd show this way.

Can you create a test user, log into that account, and see if it happens there, too?
Ahhh that makes sense, could it be a wireless mouse driver? (by Logitech)

We've had endless problems with these interferring with other machines and the likes. One of the problems being on the menus and the mouse not working properly when trying to work around the apple menu's.

Thanks, at least its a starting point to work from as we'd come to a stop with ideas!
It might be that there are two different functions assigned to each menu selection.

One says Shut down while the other says Shut down... (notice the three dots). Three dots usually mean a dialog comes up, while with the selection where there are no dots it just executes the function with no questions asked.