Downgrading For Mac Os 10.3 to Mac Os 9.2


I have a Power Mac G3 (Blue), with all the original configuration. I tried to upgrade to Panther the installation was successful. Just that it had extremely low quality resolution it was gray and grainy.

I called apple using the 90 Day Warranty of the OS, and they told me to downgrade it to 9.2.

This computer was given to me, so I don't have none of the original software, neither does the person who gave it to me.

i just want to know what is going on.

Why did Panther pick up my Video Card with the lowest settings?

How would downgrading it to 9.2 do anything?

Can i ever upgrade it to Panther?
Have you tried setting a different resolution and color depth in the monitor controls? You can find the link to it when you click on the icon next to the Finder in the Dock
Something similar happened to me when Tiger was installed on a G4 tower (early model). I searched on Google and found out that turning on the Mac with the monitor off and waiting a few minutes before I turned on the monitor (so that the computer would have booted to the prompt or desktop) solved the problem. I was able to get 1024x768 and other resolutions just fine. This trick might work for you...give it a try and post back.
Nope still doing it. Resolution:1024X768 Depth: 8 bit Color is the specs of my video card according to Mac OS 10.3.

Still have that hard to see grayscale.
run system profiler in the utilities folder and tell us what video card this g3 really has. it sounds like it has been downgraded, or does not support os x. if it has less then 4mb on it, then it will only support 8bit at 1024x768. i'm pretty sure a video card upgrade will fix your problem. like a pci ati radeon for mac. it comes with 32mb on it, pushes 1280x1024 at 32bit no problem, and via a little os editing, supports quartz extreme. but do let us know what the card is anyway.