Download Asselorator software for mac


Hi guys,

I'm new to a mac. Can you help me. I used to use Reget for the PC Does anybody know of any software that will work on the mac?


Gazzland ::love::
I think maybe you misunderstood gazzland's post.
He's looking for a download accelerator-manager, not the webpage accelerators you pointed out.

I use Speed Download, available here
it has a free trial period, and it's well worth the modest registration fee.

(disclaimer) I have no association with yazsoft, other then that of a satisfied customer.
AH yes, you are right. :p I did notice one that showed up on when I searched for the web accelerators. Don't quite remember the name though. It should show on one of the links I supplied from
It probably doesn't help if you google for "asselorator" ;) -> "accelerator" would be a better term. If you ever search for software for the Mac, you can enter search terms into and search fields, and usually you'll find something useful.