Download of a PDF file fails


When I click on a URL for a pdf file (i.e., it ends .pdf), the browser screen goes white (Safari) or black (Firefox), no file content shown. Then, if I click
"save as ...", I get message
[Could not export file "thisfilename.pdf" as "thisfilename.pdf". ]

Sometimes a download occurs, but the resulting file is not readable by Preview or Adobe Reader.

I've tried both Preview and Adobe Reader as the default app for pdf files, it makes no difference.

So it seems to be the *interface* between any browser and the pdf format that is faulty.
Any existing pdf files on my system open OK with both Preview and Reader.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Two things:
  1. It is not nice to double-post. You created one thread on this topic. It is a gross violation of etiquette to create a second thread on the same subject.
  2. You created this second thread after I responded to your first. You cannot get help by avoiding answering questions that might help the members of this forum identify your problem.
The double post was completely accidental. I had browser problems, and thought the first one had not been posted, so pressed "submit post" a second time. I apologize,

Obviously, I had not yet seen your reply to my first post. You must have responded very quickly!

I have had a lot of browser problems today, as is clear from my post.
Now, I will go and look at your reply, for the FIRST time.