Drag&drop from iPhoto to desktop


hey everyone,

i've installed Tiger 2 days ago, and it seems that i've lost a key function in iPhoto since.
I used to drag & drop pictures i had selected from the iPhoto window directly to the desktop, then from there, open them with Photoshop for retouch.

I can't do it anymore, which forces me to either fetch my pictures via iPhoto Library sub-sub-subfolders, or use the Export function, which still is unconvenient : it adds a few more clicks and most importantly, the exported picture icon is a plain iPhoto icon, instead of the reduction of the picture itself with the drag-drop. (Which is very convenient when the photos start stacking up on the desktop.)

Are there parameters i can change in either iPhoto or the finder to get this function back?

Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

(Powerbook G4 1,5/512/80, X.4.2, iPhoto5)
Deleting a programs preference file is always a good start to troubleshooting.