Dreamweaver : Alias & Symbolic Link Help Needed


Hi there,

I need some help using Dreamweaver with Alias and Symbolic Links.

On my hosting provider I have a folder which is symbolic. Well symbolic in the sense that is points to other folders within my hosting space.

When trying to create a symbolic link on my computer it seems to work pretty o.k except for when I try and use Dreamweaver instead of Folder to navigate.

I have tried using Rainer Brockerhoff's XRay Software (http://www.brockerhoff.net/xray/) which did indeed create the symbolic link in both a reletaive and normal format (I did some testing therefore two types) and both were running fine until I used them in Dreamweaver. Dreamwevar simply did not recognise the folder and threw up the message "Can't find valid editor for this extension".

I have also tried using Alias (option + L) but this throws up another problem which demands the file to be copied in to my directory insteading of using the Alias as it's virtual path as such.

This is quite a frustrating thing to happen as I can't see why my UNIX based hosting provider can execute this action for me and Dreamweaver happily naviagte on there system yet when navigating around mine it seems to trip up.

I have tried searching the Internet for an answer and usually come up trumps but witht his one I'm a little stuck.

If any one can help with this matter I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi there,

I'm still finding it ever so hard to find further information about this issue. Has anyone else had a this problem?

Hi there,

My quest seems to be getting clearer:

- Symbolic Links (Soft Links) do not seem to work well under Dreamweaver MX. A symbolic link can be made as follows:

ln -s [original file name and path] [linked file name and path]

Symbolic links can be used to directories.

- Hard links to "files" seems to work fine with Dreamweaver MX on the MAC OS X (10.3.9). A hardlink can be performed in the terminal as follows:

ln [original file name and path] [linked file name and path]

This works well with Dreamweaver but Hard Links are not allowed for directories. this is becuase there are system critical issues which are far too complex for me to go on about (as I don't have a clue).

There is infomration stating that hard linking directories can be possible if in a super user and using the following command:

ln -d -F [original directory name and path] [linked directory name and path]

However this does not seem to be the case in reality. Therefore I am back to square one really. From doing this research I believe it must be a Macromedia compatibility issue.

On my travels I have found another guy in the same boat: http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/w...adid=901229&highlight_key=y&keyword1=symbolic

So at this moment I'm gettign I'm stuck.

As per usual I will let you know how I get along :)

If you have the answer........please do contact me

Kind regards,