Drive and File utilities for X


I'm running a new quicksilver 733 at work with OS X version 10.(nda). Photoshop wouldn't launch because it couldn't find some necessary file, it worked yesterday, so I booted back to 9 and ran norton disk doctor (v6.0) and found TONS of errors on all partitions, some "Major". I had to run it on the X partition 4 times to clear all the errors.

My problems are:
- I don't think norton 6 is carbonized
- the norton 6 CD will not boot a quicksilver box

I'm looking for a disk and file diagnostic/maintenance tool which works in X or at least has a bootable CD which works on a quicksilver. any recommendations?
First of all, be VERY careful with OS X drives when using old virus/disk utilities. Only the most recent update of Norton is acceptable for scanning OS X drives.

Here's one free thing you might try though. Reboot from OS X into single user mode by holding Apple-S. Don't be afraid of the text scrolling across your screen. When it is done and you get a prompt at the bottom of the screen, type /sbin/fsck -y to run File Sytem Check. Wait for it to finish, and then run it again and again until you get no more errors. Then just type reboot to go back to 10.

As for a bootable CD Disk Utility I think all the newest ones should work on Quicksilver. Maybe Drive 10, but I have heard mixed reviews of that.
Norton 6 says it is for OS X so it should be safe, although I suppose I should install it onto one of the other partions and check for updates via the web.