driver for ATI Radeon X850 XT


Im looking for a ATI Radeon X850 XT driver but can't find it anywhere. doesn't even mention the X850 XT on their website and the latest driver update (jan 2005) supports only the X800.

Now when i open ATI Display application it says: unknown card.

I got the card through someone who ordered a G5 with the card as a custom build option from the apple store.

Does anybody have the driver (ATI dispay app)?

Let me know.

i know about the all-in-one driver. I have ATI Displays application 4.5.1 (0004). and updated with the januari 2005 RADEON update (which supports the X800)... but it does not recognize my x850 XT.

Your url doens't work (session expired). But i looked everywere on the ATI site, but can't find it.

And again. On the ATI site in the Mac section: NO X850 card only the X800.

I guess they don't care to update the mac section.. :-(