Drop Drawers X 1.5 is a LOT easier to use!


Puny Member
Please try Drop Drawers X 1.5. I\'m an eager advocate of this nifty application. It\'s now a lot easier to use because the auto-sorting behavior was fixed allowing you to drag an item between two others and have it placed in the expected area (everything re-sorts and the drawer is expanded).

Once you use Drop Drawers you\'ll stop bitching about there being no Apple menu. It\'s also inexpensive!
I use it too - haven\'t paid my dues yet :-(

I often tell the X nay-sayers to install it - just like we had to install be-hierarchic in the olden days.

I cannot share a drawer between users. The drawers and items work except Drop Drawers keeps giving me non-fatal -45 (file not found error?) exceptions when I open or close a drawer in an account that did not create the drawer. I hope that run-on sentence made sense :->

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, the author said that occurs when the templates folder isn\'t found, he said he\'ll fix it.

I don\'t care because I\'m usually logged in, and anyway it goes away after a few minutes if you don\'t hit the OK button. The next version will fix this triviality.

BTW dig out the loose change from your sofa and pay the fee |-)